"Never before has the sentiment been so true that Chicago is fortunate to have the talent it has. Dani Tucker, a recent Chicago transplant and graduate from Mizzou, is breathtaking in her performance as the Girl. With so few lines, the ardent gaze of her eyes, the inclination of her body, the expression of her face—her very receptive presence—communicate as much, if not more, than the Pawnbroker’s incessant rattle." August Lysy, Chicago Critic

"Fortunately, Tucker and Demerath are effective storytellers, forming strong images in Djukic’s world (already a stable architecture) such that we’re able to maintain a grasp on the larger picture of “Gentle”: love in a capitalist society; the nature of wounds; how jealousy and want for an idea can erode a person. And at it’s core: what are the lies we tell ourselves to protect our hearts?"  Jay Van Ort, New City Stage

“'She is brilliant and very, very dedicated,' Howard said about the young actress who started performing at PACE while still a second-grader." Lynn Israel, Columbia Daily Tribune

"Columbia's Dani Mann gave us a delightful Nanette, leading an excellent cast who entertained the old-timers in the crowd as well as the college students..." Bill Clark, Columbia Daily Tribune

"...the Penelope Chorus (Dani Mann, Lynett Vallejo and Courtney F. Wagner) spoke with vigor and passion, and the acting was undoubtedly meant to stir emotions within the audience. Dani Mann (Penelope Chorus) gave a particularly poignant performance, and made me, as a person who is not entirely connected with Greek mythology or the stories of Odysseus and Penelope, think about the emotions that Penelope was going through during her quest to somehow find Odysseus." Amy Silvestri, Wordpress

"At the University of Missouri’s Rhynsburger Theatre, The Drowsy Chaperone and Is He Dead? turned the stage over to Bill Dow, Thaigo Palmer and Dani Mann, who led the way in Chaperone." Bill Clark, Columbia Daily Tribune

"When she walked into her destroyed home, Mann shook uncontrollably. And she never stopped. Her wavering voice and hunched back convinced me immediately that she was entirely too old for her sons to be behaving this way. It put the men’s actions in perspective – these full grown men with a mother to care for couldn’t even keep her plants alive while she was away. They effectively kick her out of her home upon her return. Mann’s frailty brings out Lee’s and Austin’s selfishness." Off Book, Wordpress

"Helena (Dani Mann) chases Hermia (Jennie Pardoe) to find out her secret to win Demetrius’ love (Bryson Bruce). Mann’s eyes look like they are wild and filled with thirst. Her constant energy gives her character the presence of a youthful woman bursting with hormones, eager to love. The mortals show what it means to be in love, pursuing and receiving." Heather Hurst, Vox Magazine